The simplest school management software.

SchoolBook by Shimbi Labs is modern and easy to use school management software for educational institutes and schools. It helps schools of any size to manage students, teachers, courses, and academic programs on the web and mobile apps. 

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SchoolBook improves school operations, fosters better student outcomes,
and creates the greatest generation of educators.

Around the globe, educational institutes and schools enjoy the best technology with the simplicity of SchoolBook to meet their school's unique needs. SchoolBook is designed keeping in mind the diversity of needs and the progressive approaches employed by schools like yours. 

SchoolBook is simple, flexible, yet powerful.

SchoolBook has everything any educational institute or
the school will need for a smooth operation.

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Student Applications

Manage new admission applications for all your programs in one place. Once a student applies online through a customized application form to your program, you can then start the selection process by pre-defining the acceptance process. If you approve the student, they pay fees online; the system adds them to your student master.

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Student Information

The Student profile is permanently maintained with details like personal information, photo, date of birth, and address. Complete academic history till the time student leaves the institute. It also records the student's guardian and any siblings. All this information is saved with the highest level of safety and encryption on our world-class servers.

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Programs & Courses

With SchoolBook, it's easy to set up your institute's programs and courses. You can include electives and mandatory subjects under the program. Schedule them and track the progress daily—all in simple steps in one place. 

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In SchoolBook, you can define a daily course schedule, time, and room numbers and link it to the appropriate teacher and students. While creating the assessment plan for a student group, you can also link an instructor as the examiner or the supervisor for that assessment.

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Student Attendance

Our Attendance management system allows you to track and manage each student's attendance every day for every class. The Attendance module is designed to help teachers easily mark student absent during a class. Simply click the checkbox for an only absent student while the system creates corresponding attendance records in the backend. 

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Fees Management

Create your own fee structure with various categories such as Tuition fee, Labs Fee, Computer Fee, and any other item.

Start collecting fees online and offline and maintain a record of fees collected from students. Either collect a complete payment in advance or create multiple installments suitable to you. Different reports will give you a clear picture of paid amount and outstanding amount.

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Examination Plan

Easily schedule an assessment or examination plan for a specific course, class, or student group with Examination Module in SchoolBook. You can capture details like student group, grade scale, assessment criteria, examiner, supervisor, and more! Create your assessment plans in SchoolBook and watch the results get generated automatically!

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Other Popular Features of SchoolBook

Student & Parent Portal

With portal students and parents have access to everything related to school - exam reports,  certifications, profiles. Also pay fees online.

Mobile App

Students and parents can access assignments,  class and exam schedules. Parents can see attendance, school events. Pay fees online.


Need transportation, apply, pay, get bus schedule and track bus in real-time. On the portal and mobile, be rest assured about your child's movement.

HR Management

Hire teacher ad staff online, manage payroll, attendance, appraisals, training. Comply with local government employment rules.

Don't trust us. Read what she has to say about SchoolBook.

"Our journey with Shimbi Labs started many years ago with the development of the school website. In 2016 we felt the need to digitalise our fee management as well as to create a communication platform for the school. After much discussion and brainstorming SchoolBook was born. Siddharth and Kailash and the team from Shimbi Labs are the most diligent people who try to understand the need of the client and the tailor the product to fit the need. SchoolBook though originally stated out as a mere communication platform has evolved to be a complete school management platform. The team at Shimbi Labs has always been most receptive to feedback and has always responded to even the most basic queries from non- technical staff, with the outmost patience. The value of SchoolBook was first realised during demonetization when we had completely digitalized the fee management. The SchoolBook has truly come through for us during the difficult period of the pandemic. Teachers can post assignment, notices, and videos and even publish evaluation sheets.

Sidharth and Kailash are only a phone call away and I am truly appreciative that they respond quickly even though they may be in another part of the world. The association and respect for their work ethic is deep and that they have become a part of our St Mathews Academy family. We are reassured that they have always got our back and we can rely on them for all technology related problems."

Sheena Pereira
Mathews Academy & Junior College

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